41/111-E, Groves Hill Road, Kotagiri - 643217, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision: Securing sustainable livelihood and sound environment to the tribal communities of NBR.


Mission: Creating opportunity to the tribal communities to market their farm and   forest harvest through processing, value adding, human resource developments and with fair trade principles.  


Objectives: To work towards the development of indigenous people in the country, particularly, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (NBR) and undertake processing including preserving, drying, freezing, venting, canning and packaging, warehousing, cold storage, service for the products of its members. Also, to cultivate all kinds of organic farming products and non-timber forest produce (NTFPs) and to purchase, take lease or acquire any land or plantation or estates and to work, develop and to maintain the same and render marketable any such produce and to sell, dispose-off and deal in such either in its prepared, manufactured or raw state.