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At Aadhimalai, we procure a variety of spices from the community. These are grown in the land owned by the indigenous communities. A general practice is to lease out the land to contractors for a fixed amount for a year or two. These contractors in turn reap the benefits of the crop from these resource rich land.


Aadhimimalai is trying to help these farmers by providing a higher price for the produce and thus helping them in getting a higher income.


Pepper grading work happening at Bangalapadigai centre

Pepper grading work happening at Bangalapadigai centre

The spices collected from the farmers are in turn dried or cleaned and packed by the women in the processing centres. Some of the spices also find their way into our honey varieties to give additional medicinal property to honey as well as give it a unique flavour.


Aadhimalai is currently dealing with pepper, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg and cloves.