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Ragi Crop

Ragi Crop

Millets have been consumed by humans since the beginning of ancient civilizations. They are highly tolerant to extreme weather conditions and do not require fertilizers or pesticides.


They are considered to be more nutritious than rice and wheat.


Millets were part of the traditional diet of the indigenous communities in the Nilgiri Reserve. However, rice and wheat have come to replace this nutrient rich grain variety. Keystone Foundation and Aadhimalai encourages farmers to get back to the roots and cultivate millets in their land. Millets are slowly getting back into the diet of the communities here.


Aadhimalai procures minor millets like Ragi (finger millets), Samai (little millets) and Thinai (foxtail millet). A series of machines are used to thrash, dry, dehusk and grade the millets to ensure high quality.

Biscuit baking unit in Hasanur

Biscuit baking unit in Hasanur

Numerous value added millet products and recipes are available:

– Whole millets

– Sambar mix

– Biriyani mix

– Dosai mix

– Millet cookies