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Nilgiris Coffee is known to have a distinct flavour because of the geography and climatic conditions of the Nilgiris slopes. The Irula and Kurumba communities have agricultural lands which are intercropped with coffee and trees like jack, orange, lime, banana, silver oak and pepper vines. Spices are also grown along with coffee. Arabica is the main variety of coffee grown here. However Robusta variety is also found in some areas.


A tribal family is involved in coffee pulping in their village

A tribal family is involved in coffee pulping in their village

The whole family is involved at the time of harvest. They pluck and process the fruits with small pulping machines at the village level. Both men and women are involved in the process, without distinction.
The coffee is grown without chemical inputs and as a result, a higher value is derived for the coffee.
Coffee plants are provided to the community by Keystone Foundation and nurseries are established at the village level.

Aadhimalai procures Arabica and Robusta parchments from the tribal farmers in the region. The farmers also bring in dried cherries which are called as kari coffee in these parts.


We have a processing facility for coffee in Kotagiri with a full fledged roasting and grinding facility. Roasted coffee beans are sold directly or in powdered form as per the demand.


We also have a unique blended coffee which is a mix of Arabica and Robusta.