Amla is known as Nelli or Nellikai or as the Indian gooseberry. It has numerous health benefits and is used as fresh fruit and as dried form. It is sour in taste with sweet secondary tastes. Amla is used immensely in Ayurveda and Sidhha forms of medicine.


Amla is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. Dehydrating amla increases its shelf life incredibly without loosing its healthy ingredients.


Among other things, it is used:

– to promote longevity

– to enhance digestion

– treat constipation

– reduce fever

– purify the blood

– strengthen the heart

– benefit eyes

– stimulate hair growth

– enliven the body

– enhance intellect


Aadhimalai procures amla collected from the forest. It is needless to say that it is organic since these grow in the forests of Nilgiri Bisophere Reserve.


Amla deseeding
Women in the centres and village use assistive technology to deseed the amla. Technology has increased productivity and capacity at our centres.


Women from the indigenous community process the amla immediately and dry it either directly or with sugar to make Amla Mouth Freshners or Amla Candy. They also make pickles and jam with Amla. Amla powder is also another product available in the market.

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